The Impact of Custom Signage on Your Business

How a Custom Sign can Impact Your Business & Drive Traffic

It should come as no surprise that having a great sign that turns heads will make people actually turn their head and begin looking at your business. Having a good custom sign will get you noticed, as well as driving food traffic towards your business. If you’re unsure of the benefits, here’s a list of all the advantages that getting a custom sign brings.

Customers Know You Exist

Even if your store is offering the best deals possible, with the best customer service in the world, it doesn’t mean anything if people don’t know where you actually are. A good custom sign will attract attention to your business and let passersby know you exist. Studies have shown that as many as 45% of customers first visit a store because they noticed the sign. A great custom sign will allow you to capture important customers.


There are many businesses that have some kind of sign in front of their stores. But most of these signs can be forgettable at best, and you don’t want to be forgettable at all. A good custom sign will make a difference in the way you’re perceived as a business and helps make you a unique brand in comparison to others nearby. Obviously, you need to be different for the right reasons, an ugly sign would be very memorable, but not for the right reasons.

Brand Recognition

Think of iconic brands. The design of the coca-cola logo has become commonplace for most people’s minds, it’s hard to get even see the font and not be reminded of it (it’s called Spencerian script, in case you were wondering). Those are the advantages of brand reinforcement, you see something and associate it with the brand.

So why not do the same with your brand? Through a custom sign, it makes it easy for people to constantly see the sign, and at least be reminded of whatever it is. If you see every day something that says “car repair”, whenever you think about repairing your car it’s going to be difficult to not think about that sign.

Promotional Info

If you have a custom sign, you can have more than just your company’s name. In a custom sign, you can also specify if there are any sales going on, which might help customers stop on a dime and make an impulse purchase. A good sign can also work to show off any recognition you’ve gotten, if you just received an award in your business there are few reasons to not show it off.

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