How to Set Up An Online Dating Profile to Attract Matches


Whether you are starting out or looking out to perfect with online dating, one of the troubles shall be setting up a profile. Remember, a profile is what gives the other party an impression of who you are. If you do a vague profile, there are a few prospects that you are going to find a match.

How to Set Up An Online Dating Profile

This is how to set up an online dating profile to attract matches.

Let’s start with the photos

The first thing he or she is going to look at is the photos. Photos pull attention first and at the same time create impressions. What impression is your photo going to create? To do it right, take a full body picture.

Ensure that you take a real photo of you and don’t hype anything. Any hype makes your date disappointed when you finally meet and they realize that you look nothing like the profile picture.

Consider the background of your photos. Avoid weird backgrounds like the toilet or a crowd of your friends. Let it be clean and clear to make the focus be on you. You can take a photo with a background of what you like, for instance your pet.

Take a photo of you focused on something else other than the lense, especially for guys. It’s good that you include other variable photos of you. The thing is keeping honest and clear with your photos, this way, someone can get interested and move to the next part of your profile.

How should your profile text look like?

Remember, they shall read through that text, what shall they learn about you, your attitude, and so on. Remain positive and explain what your needs are. Don’t focus on what you do not want, talk more of what you need and what your intended relationship shall be like.

Avoid sounding too picky and sensitive. Minimize those don’ts and must-be specifications. Keep neutral since, you really aren’t going to find someone who’s exactly like you or your needs. Always allow space for compromise. You can for instance share your hobbies and make it clear on the lifestyle of the people you need.

Get responsive to messages

When someone gets impressed with your profile and reaches out to you, reply. Start a conversation as early as practicable and avoid playing hard-to-get. Keep in mind that you should also make moves, do not let the other person get bored or read that you’re not interested in them.


How to set up an online dating profile to attract matches isn’t anything too hard to do. However, you don’t have to take it lightly. You are trying to create a first impression, so, it better not talk you out. It should be accommodating of your prospect date and all positive.

Take a keen note on the picture you share while you let the text talk neutral and good of the person you’re looking to link up with. It happens, just take time and come up with that irresistible profile.